TGI is a software publisher that designs business software (vertical applications) dedicated to insurance adjuster and policyholders firms, and to law firms as well.
    As an IT services company, TGI offers outsourcing and hosting services to enterprises, and additionally services for integrated videoconferencing solutions.

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    Expert Light software : new versions


    Discover the new versions of our Expert Light software : Expert Light STANDARD and Expert Light PREMIUM

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    4, impasse Bel Air
    69290 Saint-Genis-les-Ollières
    Tel : +33 4 37 41 30 00
    Fax : +33 4 37 41 00 01


  • Most recent management software developed by TGI and dedicated to insurance adjuster firms, Expert Light is an all-in-one tool supporting management of all your business activities and administrative, accounting and commercial operations. As Expert Light is a 100% web application, you are released from maintenance constraints inherent to a software or an expensive infrastructure.

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  • Pioneer in TGI management software for insurance adjuster firms, Expert-PRO could demonstrate its added-value and its reliability with many firms. Full-featured and efficient management tool, available in local or remote mode, Expert-pro offers to experts and to their co-workers, management functionalities that became essential.

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  • Expert Web is an online service allowing consultation and cases folders sharing, dedicated to insurance adjuster firms. Expert Web enable to insurance companies and policyholders to access all the elements of disaster cases submitted to experts, at any time, via an user-friendly web browser.

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  • IRYS suite, management software for law firms

    The IRYS suite includes Irys and Irys Light software, two powerful and innovative management applications, dedicated to law firms, which have been designed and developed to enhance cases creation and management, and to optimize the firm’s organization and operating in order to improve their competitiveness.

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  • IRYS, powerful and complete management tool, the reference for law firms.

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  • IRYS Light, the 100% online application dedicated to various sized law firms.

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  • Specialist in development and integration of the Open Source iDempiere solution, TGI is aimed at all professionnals who want to outline their management by offering iDempiere ERP and iDempiere CRM, a range of powerful and flexible tools available into the TGI Cloud which will enable you to manage and follow your company’s activity, contacts and commercial process.

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  • ERP software

    TGI integrates and adapts to your business ERP iDempiere, which will provide you all mains functionalities required to your company’s processes management and to its different department coordination. iDempiere ERP is available into the TGI Cloud for a secure access to your data 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

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  • CRM software

    CRM iDempiere is a Customer Relationship Management tool available into the TGI Cloud which is getting used to your company’s needs and image, allowing you to manage with responsiveness and efficiency to all actions related to your clients, prospects, suppliers and all your contacts (market research tools, client satisfaction evaluation, loyalty tools, customer’s records….

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    TGI satisfies your needs in company content management with providing you the EDM solution (Electronic Document Management) ALFRESCO, reference Open-Source alternative which allows you to manage and organize complete life cycle of your electronics documents. Alfresco combines cutting edge from Open-Source world with reliability and performance of a dedicated platform to the enterprise.

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  • Our choice : ALFRESCO

    Alfresco, Open-Source alternative to manage company’s content

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  • TGI Service Provisions

    TGI offers a range of services and provisions around the Alfresco solution, which are getting used to all kind of enterprises with the objective to deploy an EDM solution which is efficient and adjustable. Development, integration, UI, training… Discover all of our services.

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  • CoViCo - Collaborative Video Conference

    CoViCo is a full range of HD videoconferencing solutions which offer an extraordinary quality of video (telepresence) and which uses state-of-the-art technologies for an optimal user-friendly experience.
    Video conferencing solutions are essential communication tools for tomorrow, acquire them right now!

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  • Room, desktop and mobile videoconferencing

    CoViCo video conferencing solutions will allow you to transform your desk and meeting room in a true video conferencing room, to organize video conferences from your computer, even more to participate to virtual meetings from your mobile device.
    CoViCo meets your needs. Discover our full range.

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  • CoViCo : TGI’s services

    You can enjoy CoViCo solutions locally or in remote hosting mode. In hosting mode, TGI will fully support maintenance in order to release you from constraints related to management and upgrading of your hardware and CoviCo licences. In local installation, we ensure to provide you the best price of CoVico solutions.

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    TGI is focused to the quality of listening and offered services to its customers. With its extensive and complete offer of services provisions, TGI establishes itself as a local IT services and Software engineering company able to cover overall functional needs and firms hardware of various sized companies. Discover our TGI services pack and our range of services.

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    TGI created the TGI Cloud, a powerful data center, secure and ecological, available for servers and workstations hosting. While outsourcing your IT infrastructure in the TGI Cloud environment, you ensure the protection of your data and/or your Saas applications, which are efficiently managed by us.

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    Research and development software are the main activities of TGI. Experts in “business” applications development for more than 30 years, TGI successfully extended its activities and meets users confident in many countries while keeping a great proximity with its clients, and getting used to technologies improvement.

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