CoViCo Room, videoconferencing room

Reliable systems available 24 hours a day

If you want to transform your office into a real videoconferencing room or if you wish to equip a meeting room whatever its size, « CoViCo Room » systems integrate equipments which enable you to communicate with multiple participants, with a continuous and optimal video quality for all the users.

Innovative functionalities and user-friendly interface make efficient and intuitive the use of «CoViCo Room», and provide to your virtual meetings organized from your videoconferencing room, successful and productive experiences.

CoViCo videoconferencing room solutions are real productivity tools. With CoViCo Room systems you can now organize powerful and efficient virtual meetings with a few clicks. Without booking, without additionally telecommunication fees, and accessible to all the participants having an Internet connection even on mobile devices, your videoconferences will become your favorite area to produce, exchange, share, build and to expand your business.

Setup and management of your « Room » solution is achieved from your CoViCo Portal, a dedicated web interface, accessible via your « Room » system or from any web browser.

All the « Room » systems interact with transparency with « Desktop » clients and with classic terminals H.264, H.323 and SIP via a Gateway.

CoViCo Room range

« Room » solutions rely on several configurations which suit to your requirements and to your structure to bring you the best videoconferencing room experience :

  • Room HD-40
  • Room HD-50
  • Room HD-100
  • Room HD-110
  • Room HD-220
  • Room HD-230