CoViCo - Collaborative Video Conference

Kit you out with a HD videoconferencing system

CoViCo are powerful, profitable and easy to use videoconferencing solutions, adapted to all professionals looking for improve collaboration and for enhance interaction between their teams and their external representatives.

CoViCo videoconferencing solutions enable you to transform your typical meeting room into a truly HD videoconferencing room, as well to organize videoconference from your workstation or your laptop, even more to participate to virtual meetings from your mobile device connected to Internet, including a wireless network (3G, 4G, Wifi).

Integrable on existing hardware, compatible with standard systems and quickly deployed, CoViCo solutions rely on technologies which can suit to network hazard in order that each participant can benefit from a steadily HD video, without jerky images. Whatever be the broadband capacities and resolutions, CoViCo adjusts video stream to manage many terminals.

Available at any time and without booking, organized virtual meetings from your CoViCo videoconferencing systems allow participants to exchange data, to share their screens, or to record and distribute videoconferences from an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Using secured connections, CoViCo solutions are reliable and safe collaborative tools. Innovative functionalities and advanced control modes of CoViCo solutions, associated to a high quality video, will provide you the best videoconferencing experience.