TGI – Techniques Gestion Informatique

‘Business’ applications study and development

Logo TGI' values

We, at TGI, have built our expertise and our know-how over more than 30 years of proximity with you and with professionals coming from your business.

Close to our customers but also to our partners and co-workers, our team is focused to the listening of individual needs, with a view to empower efficient, professionalism and, also sharing, so that we are able to get together solutions that fit to you and which we are pleased to enhance.

TGI's history

In Lyon area based since 1982, TGI successfully developed its business and expanded its range of solutions and benefits getting used in technologies improvements and while remaining attentive keeping aware of market changing needs.

TGI includes nowadays several agencies in France with offices in Italia and Spain.

TGI's skills

As a software publisher, TGI develops and offers management applications for claims adjusters and also for law firms.

As a IT services and software engineering company, TGI offers study services and ‘business’ applications development services, as well as outsourcing and hosting services to companies.